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First Speaker English Debate Exhibition Example

Honorable adjudicator, time keeper, my beloved team, my beloved opponent and member of the House.
Assalmu’alaikum wr wb
First of all, I’d like to say thanks to Allah Swt. For His blessing and merciful, we can be here without any obstacles.
Also, thanks for time which given to me as first speaker from positive team. Let me introduce my self and my teammate. I’m Sekar Dirgantari Hayuningtyas as first speaker; I will deliver arguments from health perspective, Ayu Fatimah Cahyaningtyas as second speaker, who wil deliver argument from social perspective and the last, Iddo Fadhlil Ratmana as third speaker who will deliver argument from military perspective.

Well, audiences...
Our motion today is THBT Modern technology is a foe than a friend.
From Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary the definitions are:

| Modern is present or recent times.
| Technology is some innovation which made by human to make their works easier to realize their life.
| Foe is something which make worst influence and make harm.
| Friends is a thing which is very helpful for human life (from Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary)

Honorable adjudicator, time keeper, my beloved team, my beloved opponent and member of the House.
Now, we only talked about modern technology in this case genetics engineering for human is a foe than a friend.
Genetics engineering is one of modern technology. The latest issue said that genetics engineering will applied for human being.
Genetics engineering begins at 1970. Genetics engineering are technique for modifying, copying and recombining gene of organism.

And now, let me deliver my arguments from health perspective:
Genetics engineering has many types. And I will explain one of them. Cloning.
1. Uncertainty and Unsafe Result.
Dolly the Lamb, icon of cloning as we know, need many trials to get good result. Project of Dolly had destroyed many embryos before desired result achieved. Dolly’s project need 277 reconstructed eggs from 40 donors and Dolly is the singel successful outcome.
Clone pregnancy commonly weak, is that many baby clone die soon after birth.

2. Inheriting Disease.
Cloning create a copy of its predecessor. This includes genetics abnormalities and disease. Cloning also has high risk of gene mutations, somatic mutations, and improper imprinting.
If the mother had genetics abnormalities or disease, the clone will also have it.

From that explanation, we can conclude that genetics engineering are have uncertainty and unsafe results, and also have high risk of gene mutations, and inheriting abnormalities and also disease. That is very dangerous for health, moreover if clone as one of genetics engineering applied to human being.
So, I stressed again that the motion THBT Technology modern in this case genetics engineering is a foe than a friends.
I’ll keep my stance and back to propose

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  1. assalamualaikum sekar, thanks a lot for sharing information about debate. it helps me a lot...



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